Summer Edit Collection

As the temperature gets colder and the nights get shorter, we are slowly saying goodbye to summer. But at ByLil, we believe that summer should be year-round.

Introducing our Summer Edit Collection: a collection inspired by summer experiences to keep you warm during the winter!

The Hamptons is the epitome of an opulent and classy summer and the Hamptons Bikini is the heart of The Summer Edit collection. Channel your inner Meredith Blake with this reversible bikini that features two neutral, classic colors: black and white. The Hamptons Bikini can be paired with a reversible, matching skirt for a stunning finishing touch.

The Evil Eye has been used in many cultures to ward off variations of cruel or evil intentions. Our Evil Eye Bikini is sure to protect and guard you against any harm that may come your way. Along with the unique and unmistakable pattern, this bikini features a chain detail on both the top & bottom. The chain on the bottoms can be adjusted either below or above the hips to accentuate your hips and curves! The reverse side showcases a solid blue- the perfect beach staple. 

In the wise words of Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” This is why we want florals to be reminiscent of summer days and, with the Chloe Bikini, you will get just that! This bikini features a dual pink & floral pattern. This style includes a matching and reversible bolero with both the pattern and solid side and can adjust to each individual's bust.

While this bikini does not compare to the extravagant and beautiful costumes of those who attend Carnival in Brazil, we hope the Carnival Bikini inspires you to embrace vibrant colors and spectacle in your everyday life. This bikini features a pattern of green, rounded rectangles, while its reverse side offers a neon green pop of color! Accessorize this look with a matching mesh dress in the same pattern.

While the season of summer is fleeting, you can still embrace the feelings of summer with our brand-new Summer Edit Collection- available for pre-order now!