Best Back-to-School Bikinis

Going back to school is synonymous with the end of summer, and typically also signals the end of bikini season. We at ByLil, however, would argue that bikinis are meant to be worn year-round especially when going back to school.

Back to school means tailgates and parties (even pool parties for the lucky ones who go to school where it’s hot year-round)! Your ByLil bikinis are truly versatile enough to be worn throughout the year for various events.

No bikini screams party szn quite like our Lava Lamp Bikini! The top features a lava-like red and purple pattern that appears to be melting together while the reverse side reveals a stark shade of black- the perfect balance of opposites. This patterned side would be perfect for a 70s themed party while the black side can simply be worn underneath a mesh top at any Thursday night party!

Similarly, the Euphoria bikini would be a staple party top. The patterned side features a fusion of all the colors of the rainbow and would be perfect for any 80s or neon themed event. The reverse side presents a solid red color that would be perfect as a tailgating top for many West Coast schools.

If you are lucky enough to have a combined pool party and tailgate event, any ByLil bikini would be perfect for you but one of our favorites is definitely the Carnival Bikini! This unique style features a geometric, green pattern unlike any other ByLil pattern. 

Summer coming to a close does not mean you need to stop wearing your favorite ByLil bikinis! Follow and tag us on Instagram @bylilofficial so we can see how you style your 'kinis during the year!