What ByLil Bikinis Euphoria Characters Would Wear

With the eventful (and emotional) finale of Euphoria last night, we thought it would be fun to guess which ByLil bikini our favorite characters would wear!


Maddy: Juliette

The Juliette bikini would be perfect for Maddy because it encompasses her confident, and (let's be honest) combative, personality. The Juliette bikini is a versatile bikini that is just different enough from what everyone else is wearing but is still right on trend! The customization of it would be perfect for Maddy’s edgy, sexy, and creative style.

Cassie: Nora

Cassie would love our Nora bikini! She likes to accentuate her chest area with what she wears, and this top would be no exception! It would allow her to show off exactly what she wants without sacrificing any ounce of support. The neutral colorway would be something new for Cassie, but, let’s be real, she’s been trying a lottt of new things recently…..

Jules: Nico

Jules would rock the Nico bikini just like she rocks everything she wears! The Nico bikini has all the makings of a classic triangle bikini but can be worn in many different ways for limitless style opportunities. Its flattering and feminine style would look great on Jules, especially in the Watermelon Cooler colorway!

Lexi: Rib

The Rib bikini has Lexi written all over it! This design would reflect Lexi’s bubbly, yet reserved personality because it offers more coverage but still highights personal style.  After her play, Lexi might want to lie low somewhere, preferably somewhere tropical so she can wear this bikini!

Kat: X Lovas

Kat would wear the X Lovas one-piece both on and off camera. The high leg and cinched waist would fit perfectly into her already edgy and unique style. Kat would love the eccentric colors and the uniqueness of this one-piece– a big change from her season one style!