Retro-versible Bikinis: Summer of Colors

Written By: Sabina Consuegra

Make this summer a throwback spectacular with ByLil's reversible retro style bikinis! From high-waisted bottoms to vibrant 80s inspired colors, ByLil provides the perfect gateway to have a retro-versible themed summer. 

The 80s were a time for people to experiment with colors. A time to diversify your wardrobe, while still feeling confident about your appearance. This beloved era was known for its neon colors, specifically yellows, greens, and oranges. Since so many brands and styles from this iconic era are slowly being brought back, why not create your iconic summer using colors from a time that had great music, movies, and creativity?  

In terms of bathing suits from the 80s, ByLil has nailed the aesthetic. One of the most popular styles of bathing suits during this time were high leg bikinis. This type of bikini bottom allowed women to cover what they wanted, while also feeling confident, a quality ByLil strongly believes a bikini should have. Another popular bathing suit trend from the 80s were halter top suits, which is yet another style ByLil has on their website!

The official colors of Summer 2022 have been released and they’re nothing short of bright, bold, and confident. This palate creates an energetic pop to spice up your summer, so let’s dive into what’s in store:

Tangy Lime:

 To pair with your favorite poolside beverage, Tangy Lime provides a glimpse into one of the many 80s inspired colors of this summer. This electrifying lime green will have you craving something sour, while also giving you a sweet look. Don’t believe me? Check out the X lovas one-piece bikini on ByLil's website!

Cerulean Blue:

Not interested in a vibrant lime? No problem! Cerulean Blue will keep you looking cool and feeling (b)right. If you’re not feeling the green of the X Lovas One-Piece, reverse it to reveal a Cerulean Blue base with Tangy Lime accents. 

Hot Orange:

Hot Girl Summer just got a little hotter! Heat up your summer with the eccentric Hot Orange that will accentuate any tan. 

If none of these colors are your cup of tea but you’re still searching for that vibrant aesthetic this summer, look no further than ByLil’s Lava Lamp Bikini and Euphoria Bikini. Both suits have all the 80s inspired qualities to them with the added bonus of being reversible! 

So, if you’ve ever wanted to have a retro themed summer and have plenty of options with your bikinis, look no further than ByLil. You’ll not only get two bikinis in one because of its reversibility, but you’ll gain confidence in fun and diverse colors! 


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