Earth Day and Sustainable Swimwear

Many fast-fashion websites have tried to convince consumers that they can have both a cute and cheap bikini for the summer. While you may be paying less than $20 for a bikini set, do you know the true, environmental cost of purchasing your swimwear from fast-fashion websites?

Polyester, a material that produces two to three times more carbon emissions than cotton and cannot break down in the ocean, is found in 33.4% of all bikinis. With the swimwear market continuing to grow at a rapid rate, this shocking statistic highlights the overwhelming amount of waste contributed by the bikini industry (Grand View Research, 2019). 

The idea of sustainable fashion encompasses supply chain transparency, traceability of production materials, environmentally friendly production materials, and safe and fair working conditions. Even though the women's swimwear market continues to grow, there is still a lack of options for versatile, environmentally conscious, and affordable options for young women- something ByLil has set out to change. 

ByLil shoppers can feel confident that they are buying from a brand that is working to redesign what it means to be eco-conscious, and industry-conscious by upholding the principles of sustainable fashion. One of the ways that ByLil addresses this problem is by ensuring a sustainable supply chain, as we know where and how our materials are sourced. Additionally, our bikinis are produced in eco-friendly fabrics, such as the eco-rib Gili fabric that has been created from recycled plastics.

The reversibility of ByLil bikinis allows consumers to enjoy two bikini sets, for the price of one and the versatility of ByLil’s string bikinis creates an opportunity to wear them up to four different ways! You can potentially get eight bikinis in one just by purchasing a single ByLil bikini set. In doing so ByLil Babes are not only stylish, but are also helping to eliminate waste that results from excessive consumerism.

This Earth Day, you can feel good about purchasing your swimwear from ByLil. By continuing to produce eco-conscious and eco-friendly products, ByLil is committed to furthering the idea of sustainable swimwear.