Confidence 101

Emma Watson once said, “Beauty is not long hair, skinny legs, tanned skin, or perfect teeth. Beauty is what we feel inside which also shows outside us. Beauty is letting yourself live.”

Summer 2022 is right around the corner, and it’s time to ditch the big winter jacket, the toxic thoughts about a “summer body,” and embrace your confidence. Wearing a ByLil bikini has the ability to excite and empower you this summer.

ByLil PSA: There is no “ideal” bikini body! ByLil encourages women to love the skin they’re in because women should show off their curves and dips, stretch marks, or whatever it may be that society has told you to be insecure about. Your best bikini body is the one you have- because you know every part of you is just as lovable as it is sexy!

At ByLil, we hope to inspire all bikini wears to feel not only comfortable but beautiful in their own skin! Part of our mission is to remind others that it’s all about the attitude you have and to not be afraid to sprinkle in a “lil you!” while in your ByLil bikini! Flaunt what your momma gave ya! Walk with the confidence that you’re redefining and owning your femininity - whatever that may look like! 


Our Founder and CEO Lily reminds us, “When you’re confident, you are happy and you care less about what others think, so it makes you motivated to do what you want to do and chase after your dreams.”


“When I stopped caring about what others thought about me, I actually became confident, created this bikini line, and felt comfortable putting myself out there.”