ByLil Founder Story

Today, ByLil produces stylish and versatile pieces to make any and all bikini wearers feel sexy and confident in their own skin. But, did you know that your favorite bikini brand started as an Instagram inspo account for other bikinis?

Lily Khosrowshahi, ByLil’s founder, started her own Instagram page dedicated to sharing her favorite popular and indie bikini lines. Through this page, Lily discovered how much she adored the bikini industry. So, in March 2020, she took a leap of faith and sought out a bikini manufacturer who was able to produce and tailor one-of-a-kind bikini sets based on her designs.

Inspired by her travels in Brazil and other women-owned bikini brands, like that of Emily Ratajkowski, Lily felt passionate about the possibilities of designing and producing her own take on bikinis. As a member of her target demographic, she wanted to bring a fresh perspective to the market with attractive colors, cuts, and styles. 

While Lily handles the production process, she handpicks students from George Washington University to be part of the ByLil community by modeling designs and promoting the brand on social media. Lily also runs an ambassador program that features both GW and outside students. This program encourages members to become ByLil babes by advertising their bikinis in exchange for an internal discount code, which can then be shared with their audiences.

The future of ByLil is certain to be one full of fun and fresh bikinis for everyone but we are so thankful for its past and the way that it will continue to grow with Lily leading the charge!