Bikini Baskets and Gifts For Your Friends!

Written By: Claire Dawkins

We think ByLil bikinis and one-pieces make a perfect gift. But what if you want to give your girlfriend, sister, friend, or relative something more? We will give you three gift basket ideas to spice up your holiday and birthday gift-giving this year. 

Summer/ Holiday Basket: 

Even though it is cooling down throughout most of the country, don't forget about our southern friends. Whether you’re living in Florida, Texas, or California, bathing suits are an all-year-round necessity. If you are buying a ByLil bathing suit for one of these friends, consider a beach-ready gift basket. We recommend the basics: a cute pair of sunglasses, a beach cover-up (and if you pick something versatile, you’ve given your friend a dress too!), a pair of cute flip flops or sandals, and if you want to get extra creative, include a body shimmer in either spray or lotion form. This can be a fun addition to the beach or even going to the club!

Going Out Basket:

Bathing suits are not only for the pool. We explored some styling options for the club and going out for drinks in the article, “From Swim to Street” Here are some products you can add to your gift basket to complete your swim to street look. Include a set of hoops and a matching necklace in your basket (make sure to figure out if they are a gold or silver girl first!). Include a small clutch or wallet that matches the suit you chose, and finally, some insoles. We all know how much heels can hurt, so include some insoles to give your friend that little lift and comfort they’ll need to get through the night.

Self Care Basket:

At ByLil, we are focused on creating comfortable, cute, and versatile bikinis for all women to feel good about themselves, so include one with other pampering items in a self-care basket! In the basket, make sure to throw in lotion and body wash (we are a big fan of lavender), sheet face masks, and other pampering items. Follow your intuition with your friend or family member. If they love tea, include some of their favorite blends, or if they love candles, throw one in as well. ByLil is focused on uplifting women and making them feel the best they can in their bikinis. Gift Baskets like these can show your friends you want them to feel (and look) good. 

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