Behind the Bikini Series: The Yasmine Bikini

The Yasmine Bikini pays tribute to Lily’s oldest, favorite, and only sister, Yasmine. As an outspoken, independent, and sophisticated personality, Yasmine felt that this unique design - featuring circular rings tying the piece together - spoke to her on many levels. 

Yasmine shared with us how she felt after having this one-of-a-kind bikini named after her, “My whole life, I’ve never been able to find a bikini top that made me feel as confident or as sexy as this one! I was honored to have such a creative design named after me. I have to add that I’m so incredibly proud of Lily seeing how far she’s come. Maybe there’ll be a Yasmine 2.0 style in the future - who knows?”

The Yasmine bikini is sure to bring your confidence full circle!