Basics Don't Have to Be Basic!

The idea of curating basics into your wardrobe has become the standard for timeless and versatile fashion. Basics, however, don’t have to be restricted to streetwear and they certainly don’t have to be basic! 

ByLil bikinis are the perfect balance of trendy and fun, but they also have qualities of timelessness and luxury- perfect for establishing your bikini basics. All the styles of bikinis, whether Yasmine, Nico, or Juliette, are all versatile by nature so you can create a unique look each time they are worn.

In addition to having bright, fun, and trendy colorways, ByLil also includes neutrals that will be trendy season after season. Our most popular neutral color options are Midnight, Snow Bunny, Head in the Clouds, Creme Brûlée, and Espresso Martini. With elevated color options, you can guarantee that these basics will be a summer staple.

ByLil bikinis will not only fit your swim needs, but your style needs as well!